1st World Poverty

Questions like, 'have you no love for that house?'
'What has love to do with it? I have no money for the running of that 
house,' I say. 
I boil the water for the washing of my skin remembering how I used to take
hot showers with the expectation I would always have hot showers that
everyone had hot showers. The heating element is broke, the immersion is
fucked I can't even afford the estimate of repair.
We have WiFi but no butter for the four chunks of brown bread covered with
a thick slice of ice in the freezer hidden by stalactites. The fridge
now works as a freezer, frozen milk - how interesting.
The oven door fell off, the toaster broke, the kettle is missing a piece
though usable if you don't mind lime scale - chunky tea.
The dryer tumbles but it doesn't heat. Why? Why have a tale to tell just
do a good old fashioned now gonna work anymore like the toaster. That
would please me more. We can wash clothes though drying them involves
a bit of creativity particularly when it never stops raining.
My friends discuss holidays, elaborate plans scattered throughout 
Europe - I just wonder which light bulb I should replace first. I need 
ten and I need the energy saving ones because for some unknown reason
the normal ones keep exploding.
Suggestions roll in: 'get a wealthy man,' they say.
'What good would that do? I couldn't make it work with a poor man,' I reply.
The weeds are starting to grow again. My lawn looks like a fairy meadow.
The lawn mower broke, the chord snapped. I'd cut it with scissors but we
lost the good pair. Maybe if I could just get the lawn cut no one would
know we're living in first world poverty.



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