Where is Indonesia? I don’t know somewhere near India?

'Wasn't that a terrible thing that happened in Manchester?' she said.
'Yeah, shockin' hurting children like, they've just gone to a whole new 
level,' he said.
'Ah yeah, it'd make you not want to leave the country or even your front 
door,' she said.
'This all started when George Bush killed Bin Laden, that lad had it under 
control terrorism and all that, you never heard of children being killed
at concerts before that. Oil, all over oil they killed Bin Laden and now 
you have ISIS. We'd never had ISIS if you George hadnna killed Bin Laden,'
he said.
'And did you hear what happened in Indonesia?' she asked.
'No, what happened,' he replied.
'There was a suicide bomber at the bus stop, that exploded himself the
people at the bus and even some police officers. You can't even get the 
bus in Indonesia,' she said.
'Where is Indonesia?' he asked.
'Uhhhmmm, I'm not sure, near India I think,' she said.
'Sure, what does it matter where it is, I'm never going there,' he said.


    1. I agree. It’s a very apathetic time. Asma as-Assad has an Instagram account that she regularly posts how the elite children of Syria are educated and live. As if the Western world are unaware of the civil war going on. Though, this post was a blatant point on no one caring it seems to go on day in and day out. First world problems seem to take priority and get publicity. Why help a person from a country that is war torn and has extremists when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian could be re-tiling their already over decorated home. I myself am guilty of not doing enough.


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