My First Monster

I wanted to take it off, my skin,
wash it clean
from your monster smell
my second monster
with sparkling eyes

You tried to embalm: my soul,
I was everything
and you were human
but we both knew: that wasn't true

The devil, danced, in your eyes
you smiled
as you tried to steal 
my chamber that didn't beat

I called
you pretended I was 'anyone'
not 'the one'
you promised
I would be

But I've met monsters before
my first monster
you loved her
'a whore like her mother'
perforated my ear drums

You said, 'I broke you too'
you can't break the dead
I saw
your rabbits hole
of hell

With her, in her
all the hers
the souls
you both stole
I needed that stake

Plunged in to the depth
of your dark
an ending, my ending
of a love that wasn't true

L.J Siewerth


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