Divorce In Ireland

Divorce was signed into law in 1996. Even when divorce was approved by referendum
it was barely approved - 50.28% voted yes and 49.72% voted no. Wow, thank the
good lord above for the 0.28% of the population that swung that vote. I really 
feel like I should have read up on those stats before I married an Irish 
guy. Divorce rates are the lowest in the EU or maybe they aren't but for the 
purpose of the point I am going to make I can't be arsed to do the research and 
saying they are supports my opinion. 

Before divorce was approved in Ireland people had to stay married until death, 
yup, the auld Catholic church involved there and that crazy vow:'until death do 
we part'. Well I've met a few nutters including my ex that think that vow means 
'until death do we part' and then I am going to haunt your ass in the afterlife.
You have to be living a part for of the previous five years to get a divorce. So,
technically you have to remain married for four years. It's like a marriage time
out you really have to think about that shit. In some ways I think it reinforces
an out dated regime, I wouldn't encourage anyone to get married unless they had
lived together for five years. It also works well for narcissistic ex-partners,
mine likes to ring me randomly and tell me I am his wife. I'm like are you sure
you don't want to move to the middle east where you can put a woman in a Hijab
and get her to spit shine your boots every morning? Because, I am not anyone's
wife I'm just living in a strange limbo where legally my country of residence
that is modern enough to vote in Gay marriage is petty enough to leave people
in divorce time out for four years.

I was home recently explaining the above to one of my father's friends. He was
intrigued by the laws around divorce and I think felt a bit sorry for me.

He asked me, 'are you allowed to date?'

Well, yes, I suppose I am allowed to date but I think by the time I get through
explaining to anyone my divorce time out situation they're already looking past
me to see if there is a non-divorce time out-ee anywhere to be found.

I think I will have my name legally changed to Hester Prynne and get a scarlet
'A' embroidered on my clothing.

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