Came Home To Ireland For A Wedding And Started Dating The Bride

Was out and about eavesdropping on conversations as I do... Mostly because the 
people I went out with abandoned me. I'm telling myself they left because they
were snobs and I was far to entertaining but the truth may be that I refuse
to conform to every situation I am in. I don't do the whole when in Rome do as
the Romans do. I conform to all situations on my own terms.

Left alone in Dublin in a trumped up 'literary' pub on the South side of the city. 
My pint was too expensive. The pub was decorated in 1940 and has not been updated 
since. It smelled like fresh air had not hit the pub since 1940, in fact I think
there was a faint smell of cigarettes left over from the smoking ban in 2004. I
thought only in the south side of Dublin would they find away to make out of date
surroundings, rude staff and expensive pints 'cool'. Also, they didn't take laser
cards. Which I'm all for like twenty years ago when people paid attention to things
like making sure they had cash on them.

The conversations were pretentious. Part of me thinks I just felt a bit insecure
because I would never have been able to keep up with the pace. I remember books
I like. I remember quotes here and there. But my brain follows the if it didn't
impact me in some way I forget it or categorize it under information I don't 

The highlight of the night was a conversation I over heard between two lads:
'Why'd ja come back here then?' asked first lad.
'Ah, I came home for a wedding and started dating the bride,' said second lad.
'Did ya get a beating?' asked first lad.
'Nah, he wouldna had a chance,' second lad said.
'Right, well you probably won't get an invite to his second wedding and ya' 
wouldn't blame him,' said the first lad.
'Ah, I might it didn't work out with herself anyway,' the second lad said.
'Why?' the first lad asked.
'She didn't like me going missing for a few days, like it was a only a few days
and she used to go crazy when I slept with other women,' the second lad said.


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