News Of President Donald Trump’s Win Spreads To The Local Shop

I went to the local shop. The kind of shop where you can get the basic 
necessities for staying alive at four times the regular retail price. But 
when you live in the country the local shop is vital and money is no object.
I was in desperate need of headache medicine today so I called in to the shop.
A woman was standing at the till talking to the cashier about the atrocities
soon to befall her children and grandchildren currently living illegally in
the United States and that every Irish person with relations in the United
States are in the same boat. As the local American my opinion is nervously
sought on such issues as President Donald Trump winning the election. The
woman turned to me:
'What do you think?' she asked.
'I think he is a racist with no respect for women and will be terrible for
foreign policy,' I replied.
'God help us all - I may go to the church now and say a prayer for the
children of the world,' she said.

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