Lael Jacqueline Siewerth

The anagram of my name is Ella-Lace June Qi-Wish-Tree. I’m sure this name did not feature in my parent’s top ten when they were considering all the possibilities of a suitable title for my identity. But I like it – they could have called me Ella Lace which is slightly ridiculous but I feel ultimately very feminine. June happens to be the month I was born and so only fitting to be my middle name. As for a middle name why should I settle for a double barrel – no, no, no, I feel a triple barrel is right for me and my personality. Qi in traditional Japanese culture is an active principle forming a part of any living thing. And Wish-Tree well what can I say – but I would love to be a tree that grants wishes to all living things.

Ella-Lace June Qi-Wish-Tree the woman formerly known as Lael Jacqueline Siewerth.


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