My Story So Far…

I am a human being sharing the universal experience of figuring it all out.

I am a woman, which is a term I believe is reserved for adults. I have recently
found out I am an adult. This reality check came when I was in a shop and the
young assistant said, 'do you need some help mam?' I looked around and there was
no one else there so I believe it was true he was talking to me and suddenly I
was a mam which from my recollection of youth is a term of respect for an adult.
That's how I found out. Yep, I'm an adult woman.

I am a writer that stopped writing many years ago. I am a poet that struggles
putting together a single stanza. I have decided to change that and become a 
writer that writes - it helps to actively write in order to identifying myself 
as a writer.

I am single mother to an eighteen year old boy and an eleven year old girl. 
They are shining lights in my life. I have a page dedicated to them which I will
share our current struggles and perhaps some of the funny moments over the years.
I don't think there will be much in the way of advice, healthy snack recipes,
entertainment ideas. I'm not that kind of mother. To be honest I am still 
figuring out how it works and I am not the kind of show boating mother that
pretends I have it all figured out. All I have really learned is not to judge
anyone else's children while raising your own.

I am a single woman mostly by choice but also because I am still learning
to understand what went wrong in my first long-term relationship. Fundamentally 
when it comes to love we humans all want the same thing. The thing is finding
a relationship that works for the people in it. Here is what I have learned about 
relationships (it's not much but I am happy to share):
  • These failures do not define me.
  • The giving and receiving in a relationship must be equal.
  • If someone wants to walk out of your life: LET THEM GO.